What is Enginears?

A podcast combining engineering and technology to explore the infrastructures and architectures of different companies, in turn, sharing knowledge and creating discussion.

Who are Enginears?

Enginears is a community built on passions. We aim to bring discussion to some of the most exciting topics in modern engineering.


There is a noticeable gap in the industry of companies talking about their infrastructures and architectures.

A lot of exciting talent and projects can be missed so we created this podcast and invested in the idea to bring these topics to light.



We record our podcasts with video alongside audio, bringing a more personal experience to podcasting.


We edit using Premiere Pro to bring the highest quality to each of our projects.


Each podcast is tailored specifically to you and your work. An initial plan is drawn up based on what topics we think will work best for the podcast. This is then altered as we learn more to make each project a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

We are very flexible, we find the best times for both parties, this can be day or night. As for location, we can come to you or book a place somewhere in London to shoot.

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